What this blog is about

I claim two other blogs elsewhere in cyberspace. I include all sorts of topics on the first one. For example, I recently posted an entry about my fear of dismembered dummies (happened when I was a toddler). Another post recounted a recent visit to a restaurant located near a hospital. Students dressed in scrubs sat at a table near us. They bragged about cheating on various tests and a final exam. The students didn’t seem to care that other customers could hear them.

The second blog is about my journey in writing a book-length manuscript. That journey has been a slow one. It took a detour some months ago, but I hope to be back on track soon.

This WordPress blog is my writer/editor/book reviewer blog, and I will try my best to always post entries relevant to writing, editing, and book reviewing.


About WestWordArizona

Writer, editor, originally from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, now living in North San Diego County, California.
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