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Looking for a beta reader?

In 2012, I asked one of my Facebook (FB) friends if she needed another beta reader to look at her police procedural novel. That’s how I got started as a beta reader. A couple of years later, I got an … Continue reading

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Conflicting commitments are so nerve-wracking

A few days ago, a post advertising the novels of Mary Roberts Rinehart popped up on Facebook. Rinehart has been called America’s Agatha Christie. More likely, Christie should be called England’s Mary Roberts Rinehart as Rinehart published her first novel … Continue reading

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I shouldn’t have, but did

Beach Buddy, aka the Oceanside Trenchcoat Guy, and I attend Coffee with a Cop in Oceanside every month. Barnes & Noble hosted the July event. While Bruce was filming a live video on the patio, I went into the store … Continue reading

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Brouhaha at the carnival

[Note: I confess that this essay is very badly written (and you know it is very badly written when I use two ly adverbs together to describe it). Sadly, over the years, I have downloaded too many freebie e-novels that … Continue reading

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Ideas are up for grabs

When it comes to choosing beta readers, an aspiring author recently commented that he doesn’t accept beta readers who are strangers to him. He’s afraid they might steal his ideas. Probably not. I wouldn’t. When it comes to choosing recreational … Continue reading

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Self-promotion might work the second time around

Years ago, when I lived in Arizona, I created a business card with a link to the only blog I had at the time. I also included a small icon of an antique automobile and a tagline on the card. The … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m an editor, but . . .

I don’t think it’s a big deal if someone who isn’t a journalist/author makes a grammar error when commenting on FB or Twitter. Most people probably post in a hurry and hit enter before looking at their text. However, when … Continue reading

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