Self-promotion might work the second time around

Years ago, when I lived in Arizona, I created a business card with a link to the only blog I had at the time. I also included a small icon of an antique automobile and a tagline on the card. The tagline read, Hey, Jeremy, remember the time that you . . .

I printed about twenty cards and left them at restaurants, library branches, and bookstores.

Recently, I was reminded of my brief attempt at shameless self-promotion when I met a woman who paints sayings and pictures on rocks. She gives the rocks to friends or leaves them in areas near the beach for others to enjoy.

Learning about her pastime makes me think that perhaps I should print some more of those business cards and use them to, ahem, encourage people to visit my web sites.

Yes, now I have two sites. And I once had a third. I haven’t deleted that third site; it’s just been “on hiatus” for a couple of years. Maybe someday I will re-activate My WestWord Novel blog.


About WestWordArizona

Writer, editor, originally from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, now living in North San Diego County, California.
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