Notebooks: A necessity and an addiction

Notebooks are a “must have” for writers. Writers must have notebooks to jot down ideas and observations before they’re forgotten.


According to an article I read last week, writers should keep a notebook in every room in the house. That way, they’ll be prepared if they come up with a great idea while watching TV, taking a shower, feeding the cat, etc. Writers should also stash notebooks in their handbags/ messenger bags and in the glove compartments of their vehicles.


Sounds like a plan to me—I’ve been hauling notebooks around ever since I turned sixteen. Actually, I probably have too many, and I just can’t seem to stop buying more. I fear that I’m addicted to those bound composition notebooks with the fancy covers. I own composition notebooks with metallic covers, flower-print covers, kitty-cat covers, and several other types of covers as well.


All those pretty notebooks are a little pricey right now during the back to school shopping frenzy. However, in a couple weeks, the ones that don’t sell will be on sale at the big box office supplies stores..


And, most likely, there will be a good selection to choose from in the clearance aisles. Apparently, a lot of people won’t pay three or four dollars for a “designer cover” composition book. I won’t do that either. I bought every one of mine on sale.

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3 Responses to Notebooks: A necessity and an addiction

  1. I’m addicted to buying notebooks, too. I might have to take your advice and put one in every room of the house. I have two right now that I make lists in, and a very tiny one I got from Burger King that I keep in my purse.

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