How’s that again?

I read things posted in public places. Things like signs on commercial buildings and flyers and notices posted anywhere, including on telephone poles, store windows, and restaurant bulletin boards. And, yes, I also notice grammar and syntax mistakes in those signs, flyers, and notices.

Way back when, while riding the bus home from work, I spotted a humongous new sign in front of a mobile home sales lot. The sign read
Trade-ins Now Excepted. Well, that wasn’t quite right. I called the company and told the manager, “I think you’re sending the wrong message. The sign actually announces that you’re not accepting trade-ins. I don’t believe that’s what you intended.”

The manager chuckled and said that I had made his day. He assured me that he would check out the sign. The next day it read Trade-ins Now Accepted.

Another time, I stopped to read a flyer taped to the window of a real estate office. The flyer listed the specs and amenities of a commercial building offered for sale or lease. The description below the picture stated that The property is well kept and inviting to prospective buyers with curb appeal. No, just no. Prospective buyers don’t have curb appeal; however the property should.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a brochure I found discarded on a bus bench. The brochure advertised an upcoming event. I don’t recall which organization was sponsoring the event, but the text included the question Are you interested in going to [theater] on [date] for a matinee performance of [play] on the bus? Don’t think that performance will be happening on the bus. Not enough room, among other things.

Most likely, the individuals who created the mobile home sales sign, the flyer, and the brochure were not professional writers. However, if one is trying to sell a product or service or tickets and transportation to an event, perhaps one should do a little proofreading and editing before releasing information for public perusal.

Just sayin’.

On the other hand, if all signs, flyers, and brochures were written using correct grammar and syntax, I’d have nothing to complain, um, I mean, write about.

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Writer, editor, originally from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, now living in North San Diego County, California.
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